Dear young people, you’re all we have left

Dear young people, you’re all we have left
Dear young people, you’re all we have left

THE children of the ensuing time to come, will take their place as the shimmering mise en scène at the centre stage of democracy.

The ideal Malaysian future, when seen through a hopeful lens, is for all of us irrespective of race and religion, to be ensconced with the right to see each other as truly equal.

Already in Malaysia’s politics, the tactics of politicians have been exposed, resorting to rhetoric that deliberately touches on race and religion in order to gain the slightest advantage over the other.

When should Malaysian youths expect the country’s political landscape to be freed from the shackles of abjection and the bombardment of perilous projectiles that spew bigotry, transgression and discrimination?

It is my hope that the youths will see through such meaningless tactics to usher in genuine and transformational change.

The youth are the nation’s most venerated commodity, as it is their unquestionable enthusiasm for change that will give birth to a future analogous to that of a calm lake, where souls can swim en masse peacefully without igniting the flames of resentment and racial tensions.

It is only when they remain implacably opposed to the provocation of racial sensitivities that Malaysia will undoubtedly transition to a time where we, as a people, are able to bring change to a country that has an atmosphere of unpredictability.

I pray for a future where Malaysians are uncompromisingly tolerant of each other’s differences, a day where we relinquish hateful rhetoric that haemorrhages the mind and soul, and an end to the corruption of the fragile minds of our youth.

Democracy is to be celebrated in its capacity for celebrating meritocracy and not the institutional condescending of races.

I can only imagine, the overwhelming cascade of tears streaming down my cheek as I leap with excitement to finally see hatred vanquished into an unwanted dimension, away from the Malaysian political landscape.

It must be held in the hearts of all Malaysians that the strenuous metamorphosis of a nation’s tolerance towards racial harmony lies first in the passion of the youths to voice out their anathema of racialist culture.

Their mellifluous voices are the quintessential aria in the crowded theatre of mega diversity we call Malaysia, they are not to be fallen on deaf ears for they can move the mountains of a nation.

However, the question still stands, what is their solemn duty to protect the sanctity of peace between the races?

It is within the lengths they are willing to go to, to stand in solidarity against any ideology that appeals to the baser, tribalistic and primitive instincts of human nature, the sort that causes people to become fanatically rabid in their prejudice of people who are classified as the “other”.

Silencing the underlings of this country dilutes the currency of racial harmony, youth must be afforded opportunities to have a voice in the political arena.

Their combined strength in distilling racial armageddon is what is needed for a better future.

It is up to youths to thoroughly dispose of the pernicious use of the race card.

The education of our youths is the panacea to the pernicious serpent that is mass moral corruption before it may draw out its poisonous fangs, blaspheming what the Malaysian people hold so religiously, racial harmony.

Sacrilegious attempts to rob the country of what was once so stridently fought for by our forefathers threaten to disassemble the very foundations of the nation.

The burden that lies mounted on the shoulder of the younger generation is to be carried stridently as they hike the arduous journey towards peace.

The burden is in nudging one another with branches to spread awareness of the social stratosphere, to highlight potential issues that desecrate Malaysia’s assent into a progressive democracy.

The youths will remind Malaysians to cherish the beautiful aurora of Malaysia’s racial skyline.

The onus is also on the Malaysian leadership to encourage the voices of youths to oppose racial politicking.

Just as Prometheus, in ancient Greek mythology, uplifted humanity by bestowing upon them the gift of fire previously only accessible to the gods of Olympus, so too do those in power have to bestow upon youths the power to vociferously voice out against racial politicking – a privilege once confined only to political parties as the youths were plastered with the label of being “immature”.

Perhaps it is through the younger generation that we finally see the race card put to rest.

The voyage to shield racial harmony from disintegration will not be an easy task but the future of Malaysia’s social cohesion depends on precisely that. Dear young people, you’re all we have left.

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