Why is Product branding relevant for SEO Malaysia

Why is Product branding relevant for SEO Malaysia
Why is Product branding relevant for SEO Malaysia

Product branding can make a huge impact on your business if done the right way. It positions your product in the spotlight, influences your customers’ purchasing decisions and gives a unique identity to your product!

Malaysia SEO experts like Easyuisoftware talks in length about Product branding as it speaks volumes about your brand and product credibility, quality, and reliability. A prospective client typically makes a purchasing decision by assessing the physical and inherent properties of your product, in terms of. First impressions they say matter a lot, so your product has to leave a lasting impression at first glance or risk being relegated to the background.

Product Branding gives your product a sense of identity and makes it stand out from the crowd. It is the reason why trusted brands like Apple and Nike are crowd-pleasers. You can identify an Apple product in a mammoth crowd because of its signature logo and design. And you would choose a Nike shoe over an unknown brand’s because the brand is reputed for quality. Let’s take a more detailed look at what product branding entails and how it can help your business.

What Exactly is Product Branding?

Software Company Malaysia is key to your Product branding is an aspect of branding that targets product promotion. It is the use of logos, slogans, taglines, social media channels, and other visual features to highlight a product’s best features, differentiate it from others on the market, and captivate the attention and interest of its target market. It builds a connection (based on trust) between the product and customers and helps them to make a worthy and satisfactory purchasing decision.

Is Product Branding the Same as Branding?

No, it isn’t! Product branding is a sub-category of branding that focuses on product specialization and promotion. Branding, on the other hand, is an umbrella term, that covers each and every aspect of brand operations, including promotions, marketing, company values, sales strategy, and etcetera. While branding encompasses every facet and product of a particular brand, product branding focuses on a singular product.

And while branding aims to satisfy all customers involved with a brand, product branding targets a select market. Product Branding examples include PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew and Lay’s cheese. Here PepsiCo is the parent company/brand, while Mountain Dew and Lay’s Cheese are two different brand products, with special identities. Mountain dew focuses on the soft drink niche while Lay’s dominates the snack market.

Three Key Benefits of Product Branding

1. Captures a Select Market and Audience

If you are looking to attract a specific target market, you need to embrace product branding. Take for instance; a brand named “Sporty Wears” produces and sells athletic gear and wear for sports enthusiasts. Now, this brand intends to launch a high-end and high-quality tampon for women. It would have been easier and harmless to call this new product, “Sporty Tampons”, coined from the brand’s original name.

But here’s the thing, most of the brand’s customers are sports enthusiasts and athletes, which is not the right market for tampons as most people will assume that the tampons are for female athletes. To attract the right customers ( both athletic and non-athletic women), they decided to name this product, “femininity Tampons”. As such, this product exists as its own unique brand that appeals to specific customers without any attachment to sports apparel and gear.

2. Helps Customers Make a Good Purchasing Decision

A customer doesn’t have all the time in the world to tell one product apart from another. So they appreciate it when your products bear a distinct logo or name that highlights its key function. For instance, a toothpaste company called “Teeth & Clean” that produces two special types of toothpaste, one for teeth whitening and the other for plague protection can establish a distinction between these two products by naming the former “Purity teeth whitener” and the other ” Plagueless toothpaste”. This way, customers can buy the right toothpaste that suits their dental needs.

3. Minimizes Company Risk and Failure

In cases where a branded product fails to meet set expectations, the risk and losses won’t affect the brand’s other products. But if the product isn’t distinctively branded, it can rub off negatively on the parent company. Hence, product branding is imperative to brand protection. It gives companies and businesses the freedom to take calculated risks with a new product while protecting the image and market standing of its other products.

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Tips for Executing Successful Product Branding

1. Research Your Target Market and Competitors

Carry out due diligence by researching the actual needs and pain points of your target market. Ask yourself if your product can solve your customers’ problems and erase their pain points. See what other similar brands are doing and think of creative ways to stand out.

2. Focus on Practical Aesthetics

You want your product to visually communicate its key specifications and functions. Hence, invest in a good logo that depicts the product’s mission. Add a catchy slogan or tagline. Use colors were necessary to depict a particular theme. For instance, green colors are associated with nature and can be deployed in eco-friendly products while brown is earthy and wood-like and can be used for furniture.

3. Prioritize the Product Name

Your product’s identity is its name, so you have to dedicate some effort to choose the right name. It is always good to pick a name that represents what your product does, so it can resonate with your target market. Your product name should be simple, reasonable, and easy to remember.

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